Hello and welcome, my name is Michael. Only a few years ago I was asleep- fully integrated into our cultural matrix… Living a life of escapism and selfishness. My days followed the same format: wake up, workout, work, eat, entertainment, sleep, repeat. with a dash of bar hopping and late nights on the weekends with the guys. I knew my heart yearned for more…I was unhappy… I felt so dead inside… was this it for the rest of my life until I have grown old and gray, or is there something else going on in the background? Was I to grind away for the promise of more money, to buy more things, all the while sacrificing my health and well-being in the meantime waiting until that sweet moment at 65 when I retire? Then it happened…

A few years ago, I had a spiritual awakening and my third eye opened for the very first time. I felt the quantum field- the interconnection of all living things, all there is all at once. After living a life of separateness and identity attachment, this shook me to my very core. Since then I have spent my time seeking answers – reading spiritual texts, joining and contributing to various communities, working with different vehicles to build upon my initial awakening and continue to refine my intuition.

I now have accepted that I am clairaudient and my soul comes from a long line of healers- from herbalist to shaman… and have been working on developing myself as a healer in this incarnation to continue my souls path. My life is now one of personal growth and challenge and I continue to align myself with the ebbing flow of the universe- creating a beautiful dance of synchronicity each and every day and creating my life as I choose.

After this awakening opened me up to the ebbs and flows of the universe, I have been on a journey seeking answers to the most fundamental questions; Who are we and why are we here? Throughout this journey I have found some answers while ending up with even more questions than when I started! I have decided to start this site to both journal and document my personal journey as well as guide and help others along the path. I am in no way a guru; however, we are all just walking each other home. It is my hope that sharing my path may help you on yours.

If you are just starting to discover your own divinity or perhaps you have been on the path for quite some time, I hope you might gleam a piece of wisdom from my experience much the same as I have from countless others. I will post topics related to things that I am currently exploring or am a part of, as well as anything I have found valuable along the way. Please contact me to let me know how I may serve you.