The Benefits of Reiki

When sharing my reiki healing practice with others as a spiritual healer I am often asked, what is Reiki? We’ll get to this but prior to discussing Reiki it is important to note that Reiki is just one form or linage of energy healing and the act of energy healing using the hands has been used for thousands of years across cultures worldwide. This energy has been known by many names in including: Mana, Chi and Prana -to name just a few. The act of energy work spans across time and culture and Reiki is just one side of a many faceted coin. Often this is confused with a reiki massage, but while hands may be laid upon the client they are held in place or bought back up to the aurora before shifting or moving. Which is not to say you might not receive reiki during a massage, but a typical reiki session is not a massage.

Reiki literally means “Gods wisdom life force” and is a Japanese linage of body work, in which hands are laid on another (or hovered over the aura) and can be viewed as form of stress reduction. While the linage of Reiki was not founded until the late 1800’s by Mikao Usui, the symbols and words are thought to stem from ancient Buddhist texts far older. Legend has it there were once many more symbols and words and these remaining few are all that remains from ancient texts. Symbols and words of power handed down from ancient beings.

The spiritual healer calls upon their connection to source (the interconnected life energy of all things also known as the quantum field), to become a vessel for the reiki energy to flow through their hands into whom they are healing. This energy works the subtle body through both the chakras and the body’s energy meridians and nadis to clear negative and toxic energy and emotions and allows for a release of what no longer serves the participant. Physical and emotional trauma can lead to energy blocks and Reiki can be used to clear and flush these out to bring the flow back to the participants being. Our hearts create electromagnetic fields and it is this field Reiki and other energy healing modalities works on through accessing this source energy. Reiki has a consciousness guiding its healing and thus will flow wherever it is needed. Negative thought patterns hinder our energetic flow and cause physical symptoms within our bodies. Reiki helps participants to relax and relieve themselves of these mental thought patterns giving way for the light to come out of the shadow- thus aiding in or healing these symptoms all together both mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Reiki uses different structures including words of power and symbols to activate the energy as well as specific hand placements to heal specific afflictions. Often the healer will be guided by the energy and/or spirit guides to where in the body the healing is most needed. Other techniques may be used at the healers discretion including: music, singing bowls, gong, rattles, essential oils, crystals, smudges and gem lights to name a few – but these are no inherently a part of the foundational Reiki system, rather they are supplementary additions to enhance the spiritual healing and energy flow. The words of power and symbols were once very secretive, but are now widely available- although without receiving an attunement, which clears out your own negative energy and helps activate your own healing potential they won’t be much use. Although there are other ways to unlock your own healing potential as well that we will cover at some point in another post. Essentially any pattern interrupter can lead to this. We are all healers, and Reiki is not the end all be all. =)

Here are some flashcards for the symbols!

What does this look like for a client in a Reiki session? This healing can show up in the form of intense emotional release such as crying or giggling and laughing, participants may feel an electromagnetic buzzing sensation around their bodies or a warm lava like glow, and may even lead to out of body experiences, but please don’t go in expecting this. It really comes down to what the participant wants and needs. The energy can never do any harm and always gives us exactly what we need exactly when we need it. Even I as a healer I receive healing by channeling the energy into the client. It is best to go into these sessions treating it like a form of meditation, relax and clear your mind and let the healer harness the Reiki source energy flowing through you. Concentrate on your breathing and relax. It may take a couple of sessions to start feeling results depending on your blockages and how attuned you are to your own vibration.

Reiki can also be given from a distance as the energy is pure consciousness and has an intelligence unto itself. With the use of a name and picture in addition to a focus item such as a crystal – energy can be sent to a client so long as permission has been received. You can send this question to them in your meditation and if they refuse to have the energy you can send it out to the universe. The same symbols and words of power are used, especially the distance symbol-Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen but instead of hand placements, one has a focused mediation on the crystal or item. Thus, during the lock-down, you can still receive healing without worrying about the hands-on part. It’s up to you if distance healing feels right to you, and you should go into it with the same intention as an in-person session. Personally, I feel more power flows through in person Reiki sessions but is a personal choice. I personally offer both in person and online sessions, feel free to contact me for more information.

Reiki shown to help with many issues both mental, physical, and spiritual and may be used in conjunction with other forms of healing and medication if desired.

If you wish to learn more you might consult these sources I have found useful as I have been learning:, Essential Reiki, The Reluctant Reiki Master, Reiki Manual

Note: I have retired Reiki for New Paradigm MDT which is a similar but “upgraded” source energy of a different frequency. I still offer Reiki per request but use New Paradigm as my source unless requested. =)

The Reiki Principles

Just for today do not worry.
Just for today do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Respect the oneness of all life.
Show gratitude.
Make your living honestly.

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