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So here you are, somehow the universe has guided you here. Your here because something happened… something shocking you cannot quite explain. Your now awake… your slumber going through the routine motions of the matrix is over, or at least starting to crumble. You realize you are not your past… not who they say you are. You have started to realize your own divinity- consciousness experiencing itself as well… you!

Maybe it was a beautiful piece of music or a piece of art, maybe it was a yoga practice or meditation sitting. The way in which you have awoken does not really matter, because here you are, whatever it was you took the red pill. You have questions… you seek answers… and that is what drew you here- to integrate back into the world we call home and to start or continue your life as an awakened being. There is an excitement but also confusion… as you realize everything, we have been told is a lie. That everything you thought was here to help you is here to diminish your own godhood. They want you to forget who and what you are, but it’s to late- you have broken out. you have realized- you are God.

Welcome to Emanating Truth! This site is here to help guide you on your journey. Here you will find healing services to help you integrate with your new level of consciousness and clear your energetic fields, ways to connect with your breath and body like you have never known before. You will find topics of interest to help guide you on your path, your souls’ journey to realizing its own divinity.

So what’s next? I personally invite you to connect here at a deeper level… go ahead and take a look at my services or my blog to see if anything calls to you. You can also learn more about who I am or reach out if you have any questions or want to book an appointment.

Welcome to Emanating Truth, Seeker, welcome back home, you never left, it was always there deep within you, just forgotten – until now!


I highly recommend Michael, he is a joy to be around; His energy is magnetizing, and dedication to service first class. I look forward to our next session. Sat Nam

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Connor T

I recently attended a yoga session, Michael is such a great; Informant, professional instructor. It was truly a rewarding experience. I highly, recommend his services they were both insightful and learning. I will be attending another class very soon! Namaste 😉.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Michael J

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